Meet Siren Spaces



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After earning a Master’s in Interior Architecture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Sidra landed a sought-after internship at the esteemed Josh Held Design, specializing in high-end nightspace and hospitality design. Eager to cultivate her own aesthetic and develop personal relationships with clients, she launched Siren Spaces in 2013.

"I didn't intend to find my niche working with investment properties. But I very quickly learned how much I enjoy solving the puzzle of these types of spaces. The inherent challenge is always finding a way to spend as little as possible for the greatest effect, both experientially and financially. That means you have to get extremely creative and resourceful!" This led her to adopting a unique approach to design, effortlessly blending repurposed (and often organic) materials with original, contemporary pieces in a fresh and innovative way.




Benjamin Gross is a fabulous blend of quantitative analysis and portfolio management. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Viziphi, an interactive portfolio analysis platform for investors. Prior to Viziphi, he served as Managing Director of Product Development & Quantitative Strategies at Newfound Research LLC where he focused on developing dynamic investment strategies.

"Real Estate, by definition, is a heterogeneous medium. You can take two properties with the exact same square footage within one block of the other and get very different asking prices on their sale. However, this heterogeneity permeates all aspects of real estate rehabilitation -- changing floor plans, adding bedrooms, where to make aesthetic improvements. It’s astounding!” With a mind focused on numbers, Benjamin has the uncanny ability to take seemingly disparate aspects across properties and situations, and merge them into common financial terms. The end result is more consistent impact for invested dollars."



Carmen is the master craftsman behind making our custom designs come to life. It's fair to say Carmen co-creates our projects. From swinging a hammer, to managing our crew he makes sure that every detail is up to the highest standard. Carmen spent 3 years as an industrial welder, 5 years as an industrial electrician and has been plying his trade since the 9th grade when he was hired to remodel section 8 housing in Charlotte, North Carolina. Carmen can literally make anything. 

"I come from a line of free thinkers that work with their hands. I was the 9th of 11 boys and it was my older brother who taught me to cut a piece of wood and hold a tape measure. He inspired me to go out and do what I'm doing today." Carmen works "smart" by melding his incredible ability to construct and fabricate with a mind towards future use and optimal craftsmanship.  Always adding his own personal flair into our designs, Carmen is constantly ensuring and improving the quality of our work.